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PGR Students in GURU

PGR Students in GURU

Current Postgraduate Research Students

Towards transforming Bahrain to a “Walkable” country: Creating walkable open public spaces
Fatema Alhammadi 

Transforming the City towards Walkability: the Case Study of Central Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Almajadiah 

The Impact of Transit Oriented Development on Connectivity & Walkability between Metro Stations and the Surrounding Built Environment: Case Study Riyadh Main Metro Stations
Hezam Mutraf H Alsubaie 

What makes a community resilient to a flood disaster?
Jeongeun Chae 

The management of the World Heritage Culture Landscape in UK
Yitang Chen 

Unofficial Micro Public Spaces in Tehran
Mitra Cheraghi 

Austerity, technology, vulnerability: the role of digital technologies for young people in situations of vulnerability and the organisations which support them
Kieran Luke Cutting 

Valuing heritage of modern architecture
Yun Dai 

Revisiting self-help as a low-income housing solutions. The case studies of Luanda and Lubango in Angola.
Felix Da Mata 

Transitions to Autonomous Mobility: The Settling, Stabilizing and Solidifying of Intelligent Mobility Experiments
Jennie Day 

The ‘Authoritarian Turn’ in Environmental Governance? Examining the (Re)politicisation of Shale Gas Fracking in the U.K.
Gareth Fearn 

Power and discrimination in a space: the role of cultural built heritage in identity construction of Chinese Indonesians
Asmarani Februandari 

Can Open Spaces in Deprived Areas be Reconfigured as Workshops of Cooperation?
Montse Ferres 

Understanding Place Identity, Attachment and Activism in Contemporary Urban Neighbourhoods
Hannah Garrow 

Infrastructuring Neighbourhood Publics
Erkki Emanuel Hedenborg 

Participation of community in heritage-led regeneration
Brian Hwang 

Temporary Space Phenomenon in Amman: A Co-Creation of Mundane Activism and State Flexibility
Ohoud Kamal 

An Ecology of Land Use: With Particular Reference to Optimizing People/Nature Relationship; Their Connections in Historic Centres of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Hagi, Japan
Keiji Makino 

Urban Riverfront Revitalisation in 21st Century Indonesia
Indah Mutia 

Urban housing crisis and vulnerability challenges of the low-income residents in Nigeria’s informal settlements; a study of Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State
Julius Nchor 

Topic: Mapping the Contextual Barriers and Opportunities for Realizing Effectiveness in Nigeria’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regime: An Evaluation of EIA Learning Potential in Nigeria.
Tokunbo Olorundami 

Urban Greening and City Design in a semi-arid climate: A Case Study of Amman, Jordan
Harith Omar 

Young citymakers: Prefigurative placemaking with young people in the becoming-digital city
Sean Peacock 

Citizen participation, collective action and digital media for spatial justice: the case of Manizales, Colombia.
Laura Pinzon Cardona 

Designing for Food Democracy
Sebastian Prost 

Coast and Country: Understanding Social Inequalities in Rural Coastal Communities in Contemporary England
Katy Smith 

Regenerated Out? A study of the consequences of the enforced ‘decanting’ of established social housing tenants in London
Elliot Snook 

A Spatial-Based Programme Approach to Water Supply Development in Indonesia
Djuang Sodikin 

Becoming Planners and Architects: the Formation of Perspectives on Residential Design Quality
Dhruv Adam Sookhoo 

Improving Walkability in a Rapidly Developing Urban Environment: an Exploration of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Nguyen Thien Thanh Vo  

What is the response to middle-class older people in China? A case study of Tianjin
Lu Wang 

Playing out: The impact of innovative public space design on children’s activities in the Byker Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne
Sally Watson 

The Proliferation of Shopping Malls and its Impact on Existing Retail Outlets in Accra, Ghana.
Iddrisu Yakubu 

How Do We Support Older Urban Chinese to Age in Place from the Perspective of Planning----A Case Study of the City of Anqing
Qiaowei Yang