Centre for In Vivo Imaging

About Us

About Us

In the Centre for In Vivo Imaging (CIVI) we focus on techniques that allow us to image tissue within the intact organ of the living subject (in vivo).

About imaging

Imaging is an essential part of biomedical research. It gives a window into structure, form and function of living tissue. We can apply the term imaging to any process that captures a spatial view of an object.

We centre our work around the three major technologies of:

  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • positron emission tomography (PET)
  • fluorescence techniques (IVIS)

These are continually evolving techniques which convey huge flexibility. By combining expertise in the basic science, which underpins the technology with biomedical drive for application, we can tailor each modality to a myriad of biomedical targets. This is through the innovative development of tracer molecules or scanning sequences.

About the Centre

CIVI is a multi-disciplinary, cross-faculty research centre. We established the Centre in 2014 to bring together our world-class expertise in imaging. CIVI extends across Newcastle Biomedicine to include partners in the local NHS Trusts.

Together we aim to develop innovative, non-invasive imaging methodology for our biomedical research. We also promote the application of these techniques to address important problems of human health.

Our work spans all areas of imaging development and translational, from studies in preclinical models through to clinical trial work. We draw on expertise from across Newcastle University including:

  • Newcastle Magnetic Resonance Centre (MRI)
  • Newcastle Positron Emission Tomography Centre (PETMR)
  • Radiochemistry and Tracer Production Facilities
  • Newcastle Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Facilities

CIVI members also contribute imaging expertise to research as part of:

Clinical and mouse scanners with images of leg muscles