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Continuing Professional Development

Take your team’s skills to the next level with our CPD programmes and short courses.

Investing in your team’s skills can bring huge benefits for both your organisation and your team members. At Newcastle University, we provide a broad range of professional development courses to help your team reach their full potential.

We deliver professional development programmes for a wide range of organisations around the world in a wide range of industries, from government agencies and healthcare providers to well-known brands.

Our CPD courses

Our continuing professional development (CPD) programmes combine world-leading research with specialist expertise, so you can equip your team with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Many of our CPD courses award academic credits and are accredited by professional bodies, so you can be assured of the quality of delivery.

Bespoke CPD for your business

As well as courses that are open to everyone, we can also offer bespoke CPD courses tailored to your business needs.  

Our bespoke courses can consider:

  • employer needs
  • learner needs and outcomes
  • access to facilities and equipment
  • assessment
  • professional body accreditation
  • continuing professional development (CPD)

Courses can be delivered on campus or online, so no matter where you are in the world, we can provide professional development for your team. 

Case studies

We’ve developed high level and high-quality professional development courses for a wide range of organisations in a variety of industries across the public and private sector. This includes organisations such as:

  • NHS
  • Environment Agency
  • Ministry of Education in Nigeria
  • China State Tax Office
  • Ordnance Survey