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Yilis Suriel

Culture Lab Technician


Roles & Responsibilities:

Technical support for research, teaching, exhibitions and event support activities within Culture Lab. Manage booking equipment, storage, loan management logs, manage repairs and maintenance of equipment and spaces. 


Yilis del Carmen Suriel was born in Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, and moved to the United States at the age of nine.  She was trained as a printmaker and papermaker at Mason Gross School for the Arts, Rutgers University where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts and received her Masters in Fine Arts from Newcastle University.  Since then she has also worked as a multimedia artist, performer, and musician.  She is an educator, artist, and musician.


Master of Fine Arts, Newcastle University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mason Gross School for the Arts, Rutgers University




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Research Interests

Traditional and contemporary Printmaking

Film Studies

West African & Latin Percussion


Other Expertise

Graphic Design

Video production services, filming, editing

Artist Statement:

The thread that runs through my body of work is the need to expose the nature of being an immigrant and how this plays out in a new place (host nation). The weaving of history, my experience as an immigrant, and personal narrative from memory, culture and identity as a Dominican American inform my work.  I want to explore how the borders blur between home and host country through imagery that address issues of intersectional identities, spirituality and social (in)justices.  

My ideas are unfolded in a variety media, most important of these to me is printmaking and papermaking, which are the media I was originally trained in.  I am currently starting to introduce multimedia performances, drawings, video and installations into my creative visions.  With my performance work I seeks to bring to light and confront issues of migration, interpretation of culture and identity through inter personal connections.