Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies

Staff Profile

Dr Emil Evenhuis

Dr Emil Evenhuis is a research fellow at the School of Geography and Environment of the University of Southampton, for the project “Manufacturing Renaissance in Industrial Regions?” (funded by the ESRC). Before this – from the beginning of 2016 until early 2018 – he was a research associate at the Department of Geography of the University of Cambridge for the project “Structural Transformation, Adaptability, and City Economic Evolutions” (also funded by the ESRC) (see www.cityevolutions.org.uk). In both projects, Emil has been collaborating closely with prof. Andy Pike at CURDS. Emil also obtained his PhD at CURDS in 2016 (with Prof Andy Pike and Dr Stuart Dawley as supervisors).

Main Research interests:

  • Institutions and governance in urban and regional economic development
  • Economic resilience and adaptability
  • (Old) Industrial regions and ongoing developments in manufacturing
  • Evolutionary Economic Geography and Geographical Political Economy
  • Comparative approaches