Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies

Staff Profile

Dr Sanne Velthuis

Research Associate


I am a Research Associate at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), within the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology. My main research interest centre around spatial inequalities at the regional, local and neighbourhood level, and the impact these have on individuals and households. I am additionally interested in the role of geographic mobility and immobility in shaping both individual outcomes and places. 

I'm currently employed on the project Beyond 'Left Behind' Places: Understanding Demographic and Socio-Economic Change in Peripheral Regions in France, Germany and the UK, which explores the circumstances and prospects of places and people currently categorised as 'left behind'. 

I completed my PhD at Coventry University (2019) and have previously worked at the University of Manchester and Warwick University.


Current Research

1. Beyond 'left behind places': understanding demographic and socio-economic change in peripheral regions in France, Germany and the UK

Past research (at previous institutions)

2. Towards a shared understanding of the prospects for progression in low wage work (2020-2021, Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester)

3. Choice and progression in the transition from secondary education: the experience of GCSE 'lower attainers' and the potential for change at city-region level (2018-2021, Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit/Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester)

4. Educational pathways and work outcomes of disabled young people in England (2020-2021, Warwick University)