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Selected Bibliography

There are a number of publications Barry MacSweeney was well-known for, including:

  • The Boy from the Green Cabaret Tells of his Mother (1968)
  • The Last Bud (1969)
  • Just 22 and I Don't Mind Dying (1971)
  • Brother Wolf (1972)
  • Fools Gold (1972)
  • Black Torch (1973)
  • Odes: 1971-1978 (1978)
  • Ranter (1985)
  • Pearl (1995)
  • The Book of Demons (1997)

For a complete bibliography of works by MacSweeney up to 1997 see The Book of Demons.

MacSweeney also contributed various articles to journals including Maxy's Journal, Modernism and Modern Writing, Poetry Information and Angel Exhaust.

Critical studies of MacSweeney's work

Studies include:

  • Clive Bush, Out of Dissent: A Study of Five Contemporary British Poets (London: Talus, 1997).
  • Clive Bush, Worlds of Measure: An Anthology of Five Contemporary British Poets (London: Talus, 1997).
  • Peter Hampson and Peter Barry, eds. New British Poetries: The Scope of the Possible (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1993).