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Language and Linguistics Postgraduate Research Students

View the profiles of our current English Language and Linguistics postgraduate students and learn about their research projects.

Current students

Abdulelah Alsulami

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Abdul’s thesis is entitled ‘To what Extent does Alphabetical Literacy Affect L2 English Morphosyntax and what Overgeneralisation of Morphemes and of Multi-morphemic/Multi-word Forms Tells Us’.

Abrar Bazerbay

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Abrar’s thesis is entitled ‘Migrant Workers’ Variety in Hijaz; Madina’.

Adam Sparrowhawk

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Adam’s thesis is entitled ‘Decline and Loss in the History of English Grammar: Towards a Systematic Approach'.

Adeline Charlton

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Adeline’s thesis is entitled ‘Opacity and Learning in Alternations of French Nasal Vowels: A Stratal Account’.

Alison Aspin

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Alison’s thesis is entitled ‘Words That Stay and Words That Go: Factors Affecting Word Survival and Obsolescence in English’.

Bella Reichard

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Bella’s thesis is entitled ‘REF2014 Impact Case Studies - Description or Persuasion?’

Bodur Alshathry

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Bodur’s thesis is entitled ‘Multilingualism in Riyadh: An Analytical Study of the Linguistic Landscape’.

Faisal Alharbi

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Faisal’s thesis is entitled ‘Learners’ Use of Phrasal Verbs: The Case of Arabic, Chinese and German Learners’.

Fengting Du

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Fengting’s thesis is entitled ‘The Perception of and Adaptation to Regional and East Asian English Accents by Native and L2 English Speakers’.

Hadeel Awad

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Hadeel’s thesis is entitled ‘The Impact of Integrated and Split-Attention Online Reading Formats on Building Adult ESL Learners' Vocabulary Knowledge’.

Hind Alsaleh

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Hind’s thesis is entitled 'First Language Attrition and Syntactic Subjects: A Study of Saudi-English Bilinguals'.

Holly Drayton

Doctoral Student in Literature - Holly’s thesis is entitled ‘Western Austronesian voice in three Lower Baram languages of northern Borneo: Description, Usage and Formal Syntactic Account’.

Huda Althobaiti

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Huda’s thesis is entitled ‘Bilingual Children's Syntactic and Morphosyntactic Awareness: A Comparison with Monolinguals and the Effects of Salience and Bilingualism’.

Iris Kleiman

Doctoral Student in Literature - Iris’s thesis is entitled 'The concept of God in the context of the 12th century’ discovery of “self” in Old English and Middle English language and literature'

Nedal Karaim

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Nedal’s thesis is entitled ‘An Investigation into the Effects of Applying the Activities of Communicative Language Teaching Approach on English Learners’ Speaking Skills in Libya’.

Olivia Outhwaite

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Olivia’s thesis is entitled ‘The Impact of eLearning on Students with Dyslexia in Higher Education: An Investigation of Physiological Markers of Anxiety in Reading Tasks’.

Samer Hanafiyeh

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Samer’s thesis is entitled ‘Acquisition of Compound Nouns and Resultative Constructions by Arabic and Turkish Speakers’.

Sharifh Alqahtani

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Sharifh’s thesis is entitled ‘The Interplay between Two L1 Arabic Varieties on the Acquisition of English’.

Sultan Alali

Doctoral Student in Linguistics - Sultan’s thesis is entitled ‘The Effects of Residential Segregation, Social Attitude, and Sense of Belonging on Dialect Contact in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’.

Xinyu Zhu

Doctoral Student in Literature - Xinyu’s thesis is entitled ‘Adverbial Flexibility: A Minimalist Approach'