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Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities research group produces research that engages with medicine by thinking critically and creatively.

Our research cluster has expertise from across the subject areas of literature, linguistics and creative writing. Our research interests include ageing, mental health, the physical voice and voice studies, critical medical humanities, medical humanities and the archive, poetry as methodology, and practice-led research.

We work with the Pybus Collection of rare and historical medical books, as well as with the Bloodaxe Books Archive. The Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts has collaborated with Professor Muzlifah Haniffa on the Wellcome-funded project ‘Inside Skin’, interpreting her research on skin immunology into creative text, and with the Wellcome-Sanger Human Cell Atlas Project in engaging young poets with the mapping of human cells.

In 2019, the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts and Newcastle University hosted the 10th Hippocrates International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine and the Hippocrates Poetry Award Ceremony.

We co-lead the Humanities Research Institute’s cross-Faculty Medical Humanities Network.

We are active in the Northern Network for Medical Humanities.

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