School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Victorian Literature

Victorian Literature

We are a dynamic team of interdisciplinary researchers whose work explores Victorian literature in intellectual, material and formal contexts within and beyond the borders of Great Britain.

Our specialisms include:

  • questions of faith and religion in poetry and the novel
  • industry and the idea of progress
  • Empire
  • the Anglo-American periodical in high and popular culture
  • book history
  • slavery and abolitionism
  • the travelogue
  • the politics of the child and children's literature
  • radicalism
  • genealogies of feminism and economics
  • Victorian poetry
  • the Victorian novel
  • the visual arts.

19th-century and Victorian archives in Newcastle include the Special Collections in the University's Robinson Library, which has a major Nineteenth-Century Novel collection, and the Tyne and Wear Archives. We also work with the Lit and Phil, which has extensive eighteenth and nineteenth-century holdings.