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Professor Anoop Nayak

Professor in Social and Cultural Geography



Anoop's main research interests are in the areas of:

(i) Race, Ethnicity and Migration; (ii) Youth Studies; (iii) Masculinities, Gender and Culture 


Chair in Social and Cultural Geography

Roles and Responsibilities

Head of Geography  


PhD Human Geography - Ivory Lives: Race, Ethnicity and the Practice of Whiteness amongst Young People (passed with no corrections) 
M.Soc. Sci. Cultural Studies (Distinction)
BA Hons Literature and History

Previous Positions 

Research Fellow (School of Education, Newcastle University)

Lecturer in Cultural and Media Studies (Liverpool John Moores University)
ESRC Research Officer (University of Birmingham)

Editorial Board Membership


Leisure Studies

British Journal of Sociology of Education

Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power.



Research Interests

My research interests are in the fields of racism, ethnicity, migration and asylum; youth and cultural studies; masculinities, education and labour; whiteness, nationalism and new theories of social class.

Other Expertise

As a former postgraduate in Cultural Studies (University of Birmingham) I am a trained ethnographer with an interest in life-history, biography and visual methods.

Current Work 

I am currently working on a project exploring education, aspirations and employment amongst Bangladeshi youth (funded by a Catherine Cookson Foundation Award).  I am also writing up research exploring everyday encounters amongst Bangladeshi youth exploring issues of racism, resistance and mobility. Recent publications include a co-edited a special issue for Sociology (with Nasar Meer) entitled 'Race ends where?  Race, racism and contemporary Sociology E-Special Issue 2 (2013): 1-18.  A joint book (with Mary Jane Kehily) Gender, Youth and Culture: Global Masculinities and Femininities (2013) and articles in such journals as Political Geography; Social and Cultural Geography; Environment and Planning A. I have recently had a paper accepted by the Journal of Youth Studies (2014) exploring young people, poverty and place.

Postgraduate Supervision


1. Rebecca Richardson - Place Branding for Urban Development: Newcastle and Gateshead in Comparative International Context (ESRC/CASE NGI) (with Andy Pike)

2. Robin Finlay ‘Living with the Other’:  Race, Religion and the Performance of Immigrant Identities in Grenada, Spain (ESRC 1+3) (with Alastair Bonnett)

3. Joanna Wiseman - The Impossibility of Belonging? Young Asylum Seekers' Constructions of Identity and the Implications for Integration (ESRC/CASE Scottish Government) (with Peter Hopkins)

4. Elinor Predoti - 'Boys in the Wood': Young Masculinities and their use of Woodland and Forest Areas (ESRC/CASE with Scottish Forestry Commission) (with Peter Hopkins)

5. M.A. Kevin Brice - British Muslim Converts and the Question of Whiteness (self-funded; with Peter Hopkins and Alastair Bonnett) 

6. Gillian Denny - A Biographical Approach to the Perpetrators of Racist Violence in North East England (self-funded; with Alastair Bonnett)

7. Graham Gaunt - Masculinities, Youth Transitions and Contemporary Apprenticeships (ESRC +3 CASE with North East Training Association; with Robert Hollands)

8. Jenny Smith - Asylum Seekers, Mobility and Urban Encounters (ESRC +3 CASE with West End Refugee Services; with Peter Hopkins)

9. Madeleine Thompson - Migrant Nurses in the Fillopines:  Occidentalism and the Geographical Imagination, (ESRC +3; with Alastair Bonnett) 


Michael Richardson - Irish Masculinities and Inter-generational Relations in Tyneside (ESRC) (with Peter Hopkins completed 2014)
Rahiela Ali - Muslim Women in Scotland (ESRC/CASE Scottish Government)(with Peter Hopkins completed 2013) 

Alex Tan - Chinese Youth, Home-spaces and Identity (ESRC)(with Peter Hopkins completed 2013)

Boris Pajkovic - 'Patriots' or 'Traitors'?: Nationalism, Conflict and Tranformation in Montenegro (Overseas Research Scholarship, completed 2011)
Raksha Pande - Wedded to Tradition?: Arranged Marriage, Postcolonial Belonging and the South Asian Disapora (Faculty Bursary Award) (with Peter Phillimore, completed 2010)
Peter Thomas - Alternative Spaces in Temporal Places: Production, Consumption and Performance at Independent Music Fesitivals (ESRC, with Alex Hughes completed 2008)
Hannah MacPherson - Landscapes of Blindness and Visual Impairment: Sight, Touch and Laughter in the English Countryside (ESRC, with Alastair Bonnett & Maggie Roe completed 2007)
Andrew Law - Constructions of Englishness through Built Heritage(with Alastair Bonnett, completed)


Esteem Indicators

I have delivered keynote addresses at various academic conferences and ESRC events. Recently this includes invited international keynotes and plenary at conferences in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Joensuu, Finland; Roskilde, Denmark; Limmerick, Ireland; Jena, Germany and Waikato, New Zealand. I have previously been a Visiting Scholar at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Australia), Monash University (Melbourne, Australia 2006) and at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada 2008). I have appeared on BBC television and websites, provided research on ethnicity for Channel 4 and regularly make statements in local and national press. 



Undergraduate Teaching

GEO3099: Dissertation (Module leader)
GEO3065: Race, Place and Nation (Module leader)
GEO2031: Globalisation, Culture and Development (Module leader)
GEO2100: Contested Geographies of New York City
GEO2044: Advanced Study Skills
GEO2096: Geographical Research Methods
GEO1011: Geographical Imaginations

Postgraduate Teaching

I currently mentor 8 PhD students in various areas of social and cultural geography. I am happy to supervise PhD students in my specialist areas of race, racisms and ethnicities; youth and cultural studies; transformations to social class; masculinities, gender and labour. At postgraduate level I teach:
HASS804 Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences
GEO 8015 Planning Geographical Research (module leader)
GEO 8016 Philosophies in Human Geography
GEO 8017 Human Geography: Concepts in Action (module leader)
GEO 889 Research Dissertation (module leader)