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Staff Profile

Professor Nigel Harkness

PVC of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr Ian Biddle

Dean of Postgraduate Studies

Dr James Gerrard

Associate Dean (Education) / Senior Lecturer in Roman Archaeology

Sarah Graham

Dean of Education

Professor Matthew Grenby

Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Katy McDonald

Associate Dean Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Senior Lecturer in Journalism.

Professor Vee Pollock

Professor of Public Art

Professor Paul Fleet

Assoc. Dean of Strategic Projects & Professor of Authentic Music Theory

Professor Kate Chedgzoy

Professor of Renaissance Literature

Professor Christopher Whitehead

Dean of Global - Humanities and Social Sciences; Professor of Museology

Ali Richardson

Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager

Rebecca Blackburn

Communications and Marketing Manager

Emma Pollard

Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager

Helen Foley

Faculty Communications Manager

Becky Maxted

Marketing & Student Recruitment Officer

Vanessa Scott

Marketing & Student Recruitment Manager

Emily Jackson

Digital Content Officer

Katrina Savage

Head of Faculty Marketing and Student Recruitment

Militsa Koleva

Digital Content Editor

Michael McNally

Digital Content Editor

Mel Whewell

Institutes & Partnerships Manager

Melanie Robson

Operations Coordinator (Culture & Creative Arts)

Clare Higginbotham

Institutes Operations Coordinator (Faculty Research Groups)

Alex Robson

Institutes Officer

Chris O'Keeffe

Institutes Officer

Clare Vint

Operations Coordinator

Professor Jennifer Richards

Joseph Cowen Professor of English Literature

Professor Richard Talbot

Director, Institute for Creative Arts Practice and Professor of Contemporary Drawing

Professor Liz Todd

Prof of Educational Inclusion

John Crinson

Faculty Insights and Information Manager

Susan McLean

Faculty Insights and Information Officer

Czelsie Weston

Faculty Insights and Information Officer

Sophie Brettell

Deputy Director of Faculty Operations

Lauren Daley

Operations Administrator (Estates, H&S)

Dr Alison Clarke

Faculty Special Projects Manager

Chris Stafford

Director of Faculty Operations

Wendy Davison

PA to Matthew Grenby, Dean of Research and Innovation and Lorna Taylor, Faculty Research Manager

Christine O'Hara

Faculty Education Assistant Manager

Lorna Taylor

Faculty Research Manager

Sarah Rylance

DTP Administrator

Laura O'Flynn

Faculty Education Manager

Carole Palmer

DTP Training & Collaboration Coordinator

Dr Angie Scott

Faculty Research Impact Officer

June Horne

HaSS Faculty Estate Planning and Project Manager

Dr Eris Williams-Reed

Faculty Research Impact Officer

Helen Elliott

Faculty Student Experience Manager

Levi Croom

Student Experience Administrator

Caroline Atherton

Operations Administrator

Professor Rachel Pain

Professor of Human Geography

Kelechi Dibie

Equality & Diversity Project Officer

David Ramsey

Head of Faculty Finance

James Main

Accounts Assistant

Jayne May

People Services Business Partner

Lorraine Smith

Senior Research Funding Development Manager

Amy Stewart

Human Resources Adviser

Sophie Lawler


Dr Liz Kemp

OD Lead - HaSS and Research

Dr Beth Davidson

Research Funding Development Manager

Shelley Stonehouse

Recruitment Lead

Neil Gardner

Faculty Accountant (HASS)

Shalini Vedhera-Goddard

Assistant Accountant

Fiona McCusker

Business Development Manager

Jonny Gray

Business Development Manager

Anne Coxhead

Faculty Head of Strategic Projects

Professor James Annesley

Acting Dean of Culture and the Creative Arts | Professor of Contemporary American Literature

Professor Kirsten Gibson

Professor of Early Modern Music and Culture | Acting Associate Dean of Engagement and Place (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Izzy Morris

Outreach Ambassador

Tracey Dryden

Executive Assistant to Professor Nigel Harkness, PVC; Christine Stafford, Director of Faculty Operations and Sophie Brettell, Deputy Director of Faculty Operations

Mary Davidson

Faculty Education Administrator

Victoria Barone

IAA Finance, Events, and Communications Officer

Dr Philippa Page

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies/Co-Director Humanities Research Institute

Dr Jen Bagelman

Reader in Human Geography Deputy Director for the Institute for Social Science

Dr Chris Moreh

Lecturer in Sociology

Adela Bajerova

Marketing & Student Recruitment Officer

Katie Cumming

Marketing & Student Recruitment Officer

Simroen Dhanda

Outreach Ambassador