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Centre for Heritage – Anti-Racism Toolkit

By: Carol Ann Dixon, Ph.D. (

Visiting Researcher, Newcastle University

This toolkit comprises insights and guidance on effective anti-racist educational practice. 

The content is sourced from the publications and project portfolios of nationally and internationally renowned anti-racism educators, critical race theorists, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) thought leaders, and others working within and beyond the academy to support inclusive teaching and learning, curriculum development and collaborative co-production of knowledge. Practical, jargon-free advice on progressive pedagogies and research methodologies are presented and appraised to show how applying anti-racist principles and approaches can inform and transform the pursuit of the arts, museum studies and heritage as fields of enquiry. 

The primary aim of having a resource of this type is for everyone connected to the Centre for Heritage at Newcastle University to have access to foundational information upon which a culture and ‘climate’ of inclusion and anti-racism can be encouraged to develop. In this way it is hoped that racially minoritized staff, students, associates, community partners and others connected to the Centre who self-identify as part of the global majority will be able to work, learn, be creative and thrive alongside white colleagues and peers. Everyone’s use of the toolkit should ultimately enable the University’s expressed commitment towards equalities, diversity and inclusion to progress further so that we all benefit from direct, tangible and meaningful engagement with the principles, values and transformative outcomes of socially just, anti-racist, inclusive and decolonial educational practice.

This anti-racism toolkit is intended to serve as a companion to the institution-wide Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) toolkit and resource listings published online via Newcastle University’s website at

Keywords: Anti-racism, education, equalities, inclusion, pedagogy, racial justice. 

Read more here: Anti-racist-toolkit-fulltext


More Than Meanwhile Spaces: A project by Dr Emma Coffield

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