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Valuing Social Values Network 'Social Value'

The Valuing Social Value Toolkit can be accessed here.  In order to improve the accessibility and use of the VSV toolkit we have made the set of documents smaller using a piece of software called Winzip. We understand people are experiencing difficulties accessing this toolkit.  If you are unable to open the VSV toolkit you may need to download Winzip. It is free and available via the following link http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm.  If you are still experiencing difficulty please contact



The toolkit is the output from a year long collaboration between Co-Ops North East, North East Social Enterprise Partnership (NESEP), Pentagon Partnership and Voluntary Organisations Network North East (VONNE).

The project was co-production and drew upon a University funded Business Engagement scheme and in-kind resources of the partners. 


A starting point of the project was the recognition of an increasing desire and demand for Third Sector Organisations to articulate and communicate the value of their activities. Many tools, frameworks, and approaches have been developed which may be relevant.


The toolkit aims to help organisations have better and more informed conversations as to which is most useful for their particular circumstances.   


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