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Staff Profile

Dr Hanna Bahemia

Lecturer in Technology and Innovation Management


Hanna studied Management Sciences at the University of Warwick (UK). She holds an MSc in Operations Management and a PhD in Innovation Management from the University of Manchester (UK). She has a wide international experience in industry. Her  previous industry experience includes a broad range of operations such as international procurement activities, implementation of ERP system as well as new products and business development.

She is currently supervising PhD and Masters level students in the areas of open innovation, Industry 4.0, and the use of AI for value creation in the automotive industry.

She welcomes enquiries from potential PhD students who have an interest in innovation management, Industry 4.0, and business model innovation, particularly platform business models.

Memberships: Member of the Druid Society

Member of the Academy of Management 

Languages: Bilingual in French and English


Hanna's research links the domain of strategic management, technology and innovation management and manufacturing strategy with a particular focus on open innovation, sustainable innovation (eco-design and local value creation), business model innovation, and Industry 4.0.  She is currently collaborating with several multinational companies in the UK and Europe and she is conducting multiple case studies on the challenges of implementing open innovation in the automotive,  and home appliances industries. She is exploring how conscious adopters of open innovation are re-designing the internal structures, and practices of the firm to support the strategy.

Hanna has also diversifed the breadth of her research interests to new areas such as Industry 4.0,and Smart Factory which are at the centre of the Industrial Strategy set by the government in the UK. In one of her recent inter-disciplinary research projects that is at the interface of engineering and management, she is exploring how manufacturing firms can harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 in both their R&D activities and manufacturing processes to optimise not only productivity but the overall innovation performance including new products/services and business model innovation. The project will also explore how firms are using artificial intelligence to create new forms of value for user-centric technologies in their business models.


Undergraduate Teaching (Final Year)
Management of Creativity, Design and Innovation.

The module is a blend of theories from the field of social psychology, neuroscience and innovation management. There is a strong connection with the research that Hanna is conducting in the areas of open innovation and business models in various industries.

Postgraduate Teaching
New Business Development (MBA Level).

The module aims at developing the capabilities of MBA students to transform an idea into a viable new business venture. Drawn from her current research and previous work experience, Hanna coaches students as nascent entrepreneurs to develop a new business venture through innovative teaching and learning practice.

Open Innovation and Clusters of Innovation (PG Level)

The module focuses on open innovation and global clusters of innovation.

Module Leader

Management of Creativity, Design and Innovation

New Business Development 
Open Innovation and Clusters of Innovation