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Staff Profile

Dr Jonathan Kimmitt

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Director of Impact



I'm a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, joining NUBS in January 2014 and completing my PhD the same year. My research and teaching focuses on issues related to entrepreneurship, international development and poverty. In particular, I conduct research on social entrepreneurship and microfinance. Similarly, I have researched social impact bonds and I'm more broadly interested in aspects of social investment and entrepreneurial finance. I teach entrepreneurship courses with an international and social dimension.

I am the (Joint) Director of Impact at NUBS and the PhD convenor for the Marketing, Operations & Systems subject group. 


PhD Innovation & Entrepreneurship

MEd with Distinction (International Development & Education)

BA (Hons) Politics 


Google Scholar: Click here.

Research Interests

  • International Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Microfinance
  • Entrepreneurial Process
  • Social impact Bonds


  • Co-Investigator: The Structure and Dynamics of Social entrepreneurship in Chile. Funded by Production Development Corporation. CORFO Chile. 
  • Co-Investigator: Evaluation of the Ways to Wellness Social Impact Bond. Funded by Cabinet Office. 

Conference Presentations

  • 2019. Social Outcomes Conference. A diagnostic framework for Social Impact Bonds in Emerging Economies
  • 2018. Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy. Social Mission as Competitive Advantage
  • 2017. International Social Innovation Research Conference. The Institutional Change of Social Impact Bonds. 
  • 2017. ANZAM. Building Hopes for the Future. Inter-generational Well-Being in Rural Kenya
  • 2016. International Social Innovation Research Conference. Inclusive Innovation Through the Lens of Instrumental Freedoms
  • 2016.  Babson College of Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Towards An Institutional Geography of Entrepreneurial Resource Mobilisation
  • 2015. International Social Innovation Research Conference. Re-Thinking the ethics of Inclusive Innovation
  • 2014. Fifth Subsistence Marketplace Conference. Social Network Dynamics in a Microfinance Context: Evidence from Ghana.
  • 2013. Oxford Colloqium of Social Entrepreneurship Research. Social Entrepreneurs as Institutional Entrepreneurs. When Do they Fulfil a Social Mission?
  • 2013. Babson College of Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Social Entrepreneurs as Institutional Entrepreneurs. When Do They Fulfil a Social Mission?
  • 2012. NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. Microfinance and Scaling Education Services for the Poor. 
  • 2011. NYU-Stern Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. Microfinance, Entrepreneurship & Poverty Alleviation. 

Other Achievements

  • 2018. Best Paper Award. Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy. Social Mission as Competitive Advantage
  • 2013. Best Paper in Social Entrepreneurship at the Babson College for Entrepreneurship Research Conference.
  • 2010-2013. PhD Scholarship. Newcastle University Business School. 


BUS3060 - International Entrepreneurship (Module Leader)

NBS8111 - International Entrepreneurship (Module leader)