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Revision flashcards

Revision Flashcards

Download our printable Chinese flashcards. They may just be a rectangular piece of paper, but they can work wonders for your revision.

This revision tool is ideal when you need to remember Chinese vocabulary.

Download the flashcard PDF, print it out, and cut around the edges of each individual card. 


Animals (PDF: 1.7 MB)

The body (PDF: 1.3 MB)

Buildings (PFD: 1.8 MB)

Clothes (PDF: 1.2 MB)

Colours (PDF: 361 KB)

Countries (PDF: 1.9 MB)

Family (PDF: 848 KB)

Food (PDF: 2.3 MB)

Holidays (PDF: 2.4 MB)

House (PDF: 1.9 MB)

Jobs (PDF: 1 MB)

Numbers (PDF: 1.7 MB) 

Positions (PDF: 488 MB)

School (PDF: 3.4 MB)

Shapes (PDF: 1.2 MB)

Sports (PDF: 2.2 MB)

Time (PDF: 1.2 MB)

Weather (PDF: 1 MB)

Revising with flashcards

Stick the flashcards to their corresponding items around your house.

Keep the flashcards in your pocket. Glance over them whenever you have a spare minute.

Write a translation on the reverse of the card. Test yourself, then flip the card over to check the answer.

Ask someone to test you. This can be nerve-wracking, but helps you get used to being on the spot on the day of your final exam.