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Make Your Own Resources

Make Your Own Resources

Download our editable PowerPoint templates to make your own videos.

You can use our templates for any language. Each is focused on an everyday topic, which will give your students lots of options for voiceovers.

Download our instructions for how to do animations (PDF: 189 KB).


Download the editable PowerPoint file for the topic you want to use.


Chocolate advert (PPT: 3.4 MB)

Crisps advert (PPT: 4 MB)

Deodorant advert (PPT: 3.3 MB)

Energy drink advert (PPT: 3.5 MB)

Fast food advert (PPT: 4 MB)

Hair product advert (PPT: 3.6 MB)

Music downloading advert (PPT: 3.4 MB)

Nappies advert (PPT: 3.4 MB)

Sportswear advert (PPT: 3.8 MB)

Washing powder advert (PPT: 3.4 MB)


Dinner conversation (PPT: 3.5 MB)

Talking about school (PPT: 3.5 MB)


Birthday party (PPT: 3.7 MB)

Making decisions

Choosing a pet (PPT: 3.5 MB)

Going on holiday (PPT: 3.4 MB)