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European Connections

Celebrating our community of European colleagues in Newcastle and our network of partnerships across the continent.

European Connections

European Connections is a platform that celebrates our wide and diverse community of European colleagues in the humanities at Newcastle University. It celebrates our vast network of partnerships across the continent. It celebrates the fact that working in, on and with Europe is, more than ever, a vital part of our research culture and learning environment.  

We work alongside the Institute for Social Science, the Institute for Creative Arts Practice and the Regional Interest Group NCL Europe to:  

  • protect and strengthen our long-established connections between Newcastle and Europe;  
  • offer a platform that showcases some of the current humanities projects that are working in, on and with Europe, 
  • celebrate the strong tie between the North-East and Europe;  
  • understand the post-Brexit funding landscape and explore the opportunities to continue working closely with our fellow European partners. 

During the academic year 2020-2021, Marco Medugno (School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics) conducted a mapping exercise to collate information about our European connections across the humanities.  

The mapping exercise collected data on the following: 

  • EU colleagues working in the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty; 
  • partnerships with higher education institutions and non-academic organisations across Europe; 
  • current and recent research projects that work on, in and with colleagues across Europe. 

The results of this mapping project demonstrate our broad and deep ties to continental Europe as illustrated in the graphics and case studies available below. 

To access a copy of the report, please click EU Connections Report.


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