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Sustainable Development Goals

Learn more about the 17 United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship to Decisive Decade.

Humanities and the SDGs?

We are in a period of systemic competition with systems of government that remove human agency from the individual. By addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, we seek to find new ways of governance to address the Global environemntal crisis. In particular the cooperation of all governments and addressing the tension caused by the fact Industrialised liberal democracies area ahead in terms of carbon footprint.

By focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals we can develop political but not prescriptive solutions and drive forwards climate diplomacy.


Ensure Access To Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable And Modern Energy For All

The world still falls short in providing affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all despite progress. Clean and sustainable energy should be a priority in addressing the environmental crisis and ensuring future generations do not suffer a heavy burden.

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SDG 12

Ensure Sustainable Consumption And Production Patterns

The unsustainable production and consumption humanity engages in is driving the environmental crisis by aggravating the losses in biodiversity, climate change and pollution. In 2019, the amount of e-waste generated was 7.3 kg per capita, with only 1.7 kg per capita documented to be managed in an environmentally sustainable manner (United Nations). If we do not act now regarding our resource use, how can we ensure fairness among generations?

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SDG 13

Take Urgent Action To Combat Climate Change And Its Impacts

Despite the temporary reduction of greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere following successive COVID-19 lockdowns. The trend remains one of increasing emissions which are contributing to the 2015 to 2020 to be the warmest years on record to date and the world is far off track the agreed targets of the Paris Agreement.

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SDG 14

Conserve And Sustainably Use The Oceans, Seas And Marine Resources For Sustainable Development

Oceans, seas and marine resources face significant threat from pollution, arming, and acidification due to their exploitation for people's livelihoods and international trade. Consequently, disrupting marine ecosystems and the communities reliant upon them with long term repercussions if we do not act towards sustainable management of the oceans.

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SDG 15

Protect, Restore And Promote Sustainable Use Of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Sustainably Manage Forests, Combat Desertification, And Halt And Reverse Land Degradation And Halt Biodiversity Loss

The continued damage to biodiversity and accompanying degradation of ecosystems will have profound consequences in the future for our well-being and survival. Systems of environmental economic accounting, sustainable management and increased coverage of biodiversity areas are needed to avert catastrophe.

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