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Transdisciplinary Research Exchange

A peer review from another field.

A Transdisciplinary Research Exchange is a peer review with a difference. It is an invitation to take a collaborative transgression into another field of expertise and, in return, to invite a colleague from that field to discover your area of work. Instead of presenting your own work, you are invited to present a colleague’s work. This colleague should be working in another discipline – the more radically different in terms of its methods, the better! For example, a colleague working in comparative literature might read and then present a piece of research carried out by a colleague in data science and vice versa. They would then respond mutually to their colleague's reading of their work. The idea is to create a situation where disciplinary boundaries must be traversed in a ludic and exploratory way. It hopes to provide the opportunity for substantive exchange and reflection of where our work can intersect in mutually beneficial ways. 

Bee-ing Humans: Understanding the Emotions of Bees

Wednesday 27th April, 12pm.


Bennett Hogg (Music)

Vivek Nityananda (Bio-environmental Science, Centre for Behaviour and Evolution)

Jenny Richards (English Literature)

Candy Rowe ( Animal Behaviour and Cognition)

They will be accompanied by Tiago Sousa Garcia from the Research Software Engineering Team. 

Bees landing on a surface.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences