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Decisive Decade

Re-imagining the future to counter the environmental crisis and address intergenerational justice.

Decisive Decade is a humanities-led research theme that addresses the unprecedented environmental crisis that the world is currently experiencing. It recognises that the humanities have a vital role to play in fostering wider understandings of the implications of the current crisis and to mediate between cultural theory and practice.  

Through its Decisive Decade theme, the Humanities Research Institute offers spaces for collective reflection, engagement and action—locally, nationally and transnationally.

Project leads: Bernhard Malkmus & Philippa Page.

Beyond this, we would like to ask our student colleagues the following questions to begin a conversation about how and why the next decade is decisive for us all, as individuals and collectively. You are invited to answer the following questions.

  • In what ways do you think that the next decade will be decisive?
  • What do you imagine the world to be like in 2030 and where do you see yourself in 2030?

  • What do you understand intergenerational equity and intergenerational justice to mean?

  • What have you noticed about environmental awareness in the cultures that you are studying?

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences