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2022 Combined Honours Graduate.

What have you gone on to do after graduating?

Since graduating I've secured a job as an Outreach Ambassador at the university which is a temporary 13 month long role that I'm using to help gain experience in the higher education sector as that is something I'm hoping to have a career in. 

What were the benefits of the PARTNERS Programme for you?

Firstly it allowed me to get to know the campus before starting university so that I didn't feel completely lost in September. It also gave me the opportunity to meet people on my course and make some connections that were integral to my first few weeks at Newcastle. PARTNERS meant that I didn't have to worry too much about my performance in exams and I could purely just try my best knowing that I had a lower offer and I think that was extremely helpful and actually helped me do better than expected in my A-levels because I was more relaxed. I had a great week staying at Castle Leazes, attending academic sessions and socialising with peers and it only increased my excitement for university.

What support did you receive from the PARTNERS Team during the PARTNERS Academic Summer School and throughout your time at University?

The PARTNERS team were extremely supportive both during and after the summer school, they were always on hand if any support was needed at the time and I received so many emails from them throughout my degree checking in, advertising opportunities and providing support.

How did the PARTNERS Programme prepare you for employment?

The PARTNERS programme opened my eyes to what I could do with my degree following university. Through PARTNERS emails I became aware of JobSoc which is an opportunity to work during your studies for the university in a multitude of roles. Not only did this provide me with financial support during my degree but it also gave me some work experience that was extremely helpful when applying for jobs after university.

Did the PARTNERS Programme influence your career choices?

I believe the PARTNERS programme did influence my career choices. Before I came to university I was set on becoming a teacher but after being accepted into the university through the programme I realised the scope of higher education and how many jobs there are, including those working in widening participation such as the PARTNERS team and this actually inspired me, as well as my own experience as a WP student to apply for the role I'm in now and take an interest in outreach in terms of higher education.

If you could give advice or tips to a new PARTNERS student, what would it be?

My biggest tip would be to put yourself out there and make the most of the week. If you use your time here right you can give yourself a huge head start in so many ways. You can form solid friendships, explore the city, get to know your course and academic staff, and access university resources all before even receiving your results and being accepted! It is such a great opportunity and I'm so glad that I found the scheme and chose Newcastle, I'm sure you will be too.