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2022 Law Graduate.

What were the benefits of the PARTNERS Programme for you?

The PARTNERS programme gave me a real insight into university life (I stayed in halls, attended lectures, explored the campus and had full access to all the facilities). This experience made me feel much more relaxed before starting in September as I already had made friends and knew my way around campus, the same girls I met on PARTNERS are still some of my closest friends and actually who I am living with after graduating! Whilst the lower grade offer is a great aspect of the programme, the biggest reward was the Summer School.

What support did you receive from the PARTNERS Team during the PARTNERS Academic Summer School and throughout your time at University?

I received frequent updates from the PARTNERS team during my time at University, which made me aware of different opportunities and support. Taking part in PARTNERS also helped me secure a job as a student ambassador which I had throughout my whole time, this was a really flexible and rewarding job which helped boost the key transferable skills needed for all grad jobs!

Did the PARTNERS Programme influence your career choices?

Before university, I saw studying and a career in Law as something unobtainable. However the PARTNERS programme helped raise my aspirations and gave me the opportunity to study at a Russell Group University. Year 11 me would not have believed I would have graduated Newcastle University with a First Class Law Degree, and part of that journey was the PARTNERS programme! 

If you could give advice or tips to a new PARTNERS student, what would it be?

1. Say YES to all the opportunities on the Summer School as it is a great way to meet new people and try new things

2. Whilst at university, check your emails for PARTNERS updates and all the opportunities they are offering

3. Whilst on the Summer school, quiz the academics and student reps to give you that head start

4. Before starting check the website for updates and upcoming events

5. Enjoy the PARTNERS programme!