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2020 Biomedical Sciences graduate.

What were the benefits of the PARTNERS Programme for you?

I absolutely loved the Summer School. It was a lot of fun meeting people on the same strand as myself.

I actually went during Ramadhan and Newcastle gave myself and others observing the fasting month a quiet flat at St Marys which was very thoughtful.

I liked that we met the lecturers that would be on the course we applied for, also getting to know the city a bit more meant I was familiar with the place when I started. I already had some friends who I knew from the programme when I started my course too. Another huge benefit was the reduced offer as I was very unsure about doing very well in Chemistry A-level so this reduced offer slightly removed some of the pressure on me.

Also, reassuring me that my degree will be manageable as I was extremely scared I wouldn't be able to understand the concept of what I was learning but after a couple of lectures and asking questions, I was able to feel more confident so I definitely think it gave me more confidence.

How did the PARTNERS Programme prepare you for employment?

I think stepping out of my comfort zone, I had to spend 5 days living with a group of strangers and at the end of the Programme, we were all good friends.

It was also through PARTNERS that I found out about work opportunities over the summer holidays so I was a Student Rep for Bitesize Uni and Uni Survival Guide summer schools in 2019. Following on from this I then became a Student Ambassador in my final year where I gained lots of transferrable skills that I could then use and apply for my application for Outreach Ambassador prior to graduation.

If you could give advice or tips to a new PARTNERS student, what would it be?

Pay attention to the emails as there may be some opportunities you don't want to miss! Also, interact with the lecturers, they're super friendly and always happy to help as they know university can be daunting, plus you're already building that connection for when you do start, one of my favourite lecturers was in the PARTNERS programme and I instantly recognised him when I started in September 2017. Don't be afraid to talk to people whether that be staff members or other PARTNERS participants.