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Check Eligibility Based on School or College

Check your eligibility for the PARTNERS Programme based on the school or college you attended.

Automatically eligible schools list

Students attending one of the schools/colleges from the following list are automatically eligible for PARTNERS. The list is based upon school performance data, as detailed within the full eligibility criteria.

If the school or college you attend/attended for your GCSEs or A levels is on the list below, you will be automatically eligible for the PARTNERS Programme supported entry route for 2023 entry, based on school/college performance (providing that you also adhere to the essential conditions of the Programme).

If your school/college is eligible as per the list below, apply to the PARTNERS Programme now.

What if my school/college is not on the list?

Students from all schools and colleges in the United Kingdom are able to apply to the PARTNERS Programme supported entry route.

Therefore, if the school/college you attend/attended for your GCSE or A levels is not listed below, you may still be eligible for the programme based on one of our other eligibility criteria.