Positron Emission Tomography Centre

PET MRI Scanner

PET MR Scanner


The PET-MR facility in Newcastle is currently out of use as a result of severe damage to the building where it was housed.

A new building is now being designed to form an integrated clinical imaging research facility, comprising Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography. The interface with Clinical Ageing Research and NHS clinics will help to co-ordinate access of patients, clinicians and multi-disiplinary scientists to novel non-invasive technologies.

PET-MR Scanner

The facility is equipped with the latest generation of PET-MR scanners which provides excellent quality imaging.

The scanner provides exciting diagnostic possibilities due to the simultaneous PET-MR acquisition 3.0T magnetic resonance technology is integrated with the latest positron emission tomography technology.

SIGNA PET/MR 3.0T is an integrated imaging and diagnosis device, it acquires MR and PET images simultaneously, saving time for patients. Especially in cases of cancer, cardiac diseases, and neurologic diseases including Alzheimer’s, that need composite diagnostics with multiple imaging devices, the efficiency can be maximized.

The SIGNA PET/MR features GE’s MR-compatible silicon photomultiplier detector (SiPM) technology.

This state of the art detector gives:

  • <400ps timing resolution for fast TOF performance.
  • 25cm axial field of view for sensitivity and coverage.
  • 21cps/kbq for exceptional sensitivity.
  • Access to Q Clear and Sharp IR reconstruction technologies.