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Researcher nets place on Newcastle United women's team

A university researcher has become the first Lebanese player to sign for Newcastle United’s Women’s Football Club.

Myriam Neaimeh, whose work is investigating electric vehicles, has played for the Lebanese national team. She said: “I have had an amazing response since people have heard I signed for Newcastle. I have had so many messages wishing me good luck.??“The team is great and the girls are very skilful. I’m proud to play for them.”??Club chairman Phil Eadon said: “Myriam is a fantastic addition to the team. She is talented and experienced and she is also a good role model. She shows you can have a great career and play football at a high level.”??Myriam, who started work at the university in November, said finding a club to play for was high on her list of priorities when she moved to the city.  She said: “First I looked for somewhere to live and then I looked for a club to play for. It is really important to me to be able to play.”??In her short time living in Newcastle, she has been impressed with the focus on football. “Everyone talks about football all the time,” she said. “It is such an important part of people’s lives. And I can see St James’ Park when I’m making a cup of tea at work so that’s pretty cool too.”??Myriam was the team captain of al-Ansar Women Football Club in Lebanon and has played football since she was a little girl. She said: “It was unusual in the Lebanon at the time but I just wanted to play. Attitudes changed and then I got to play in a team and in the national side.”??Myriam has also played for a Hungarian first division side when she moved to Europe in 2009.

published on: 8 March 2012