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Newcastle University to light up Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is to be lit up with a major art project developed at Newcastle University.

Visiting Professor Zachary Lieberman and his digital arts collective New York based YesYes No, have designed Connecting Light as part of the programme for the nationwide London 2012 festival.
The art installation, which will be made up of a series of 600 tethered weather balloons lit by internal LED lights, is being developed at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab.
Each balloon will be approximately 6ft in diameter and will forma line of pulsating colours as messages are sent across the wall. It will be visible from dusk for a spectacular sight for visitors at several locations. It is being designed so it can be viewed remotely all over the world using online media. The installation serves as a low res fibre optic line connecting both coasts of England.
Zachary Lieberman was made a Visiting Professor of Practice at Culture Lab last month and will deliver lectures, workshops and develop interdisciplinary projects with students around Connecting Light.
He said: “The chance to create an installation to go along this Roman structure was too good to miss. I think the combination of the Roman wall and new technology will be fantastic.
 “Our concept is to create a digital platform by which messages can be communicated the entire length of the wall.
"The goal is to understand the wall in a modern context and imagine the Wall not as a barrier but as a bridge, as a means of connecting rather than dividing.
Dr Brigitta Zics, programme director of digital media at Newcastle University said: “We are delighted to work with Zach on Connecting Light and in his role as a Visiting Professor. Our students have a great opportunity to learn from an established, international digital artist and to be involved in a landmark art installation.”
Connecting Light will go live  from the 31 August until 1 September.
Culture Lab is an on-campus facility which is the focal point for creative digital practice at Newcastle University, supporting researchers and students involved in high level, experimental and multi-disciplinary projects.
The London 2012 festival is 12-week nationwide celebration which brings together leading artists from across the world with the very best from the UK, opening on Midsummer's Day 21 June and running until 9 September 2012.
The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) commission is being produced in partnership with Hadrian's Wall Heritage, Newcastle University and other local partners.
See for more details over the coming weeks.
For more information on the London 2012 festival programme which spans music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, film and fashion, visit

published on: 4 May 2012