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Science City Brings in University Expertise

Newcastle Science City is seconding Dr. Andrew Young, a senior figure from Newcastle University, to lead the project in a move that will strengthen developments in the city’s key areas of research.

Dr. Young, who heads the management support team for the University's Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE ), will take up the secondment as interim Director next month with a focus on science-based projects in sustainability, ageing and health, and regenerative medicine.

An experienced manager with a doctorate in Biological Sciences, Dr. Young currently oversees the support provided to 400 academic staff and 6,000 students in SAgE. He has played a key role in Science City since its inception and is involved in the business development activities of the Faculty. He has also supported the University's expansion into Singapore.

Paul Walker, chair, Newcastle Science City said: “As a scientist with vast experience of working across the University Andrew has the knowledge and credibility to progress Science City’s mission of developing our three key areas of research on the three key sites across the city.

 “Andrew’s secondment will also allow Science City to maintain momentum in several important areas, including the development of the Science Central site, at the same time as exploring future options for the partnership such as renewable energy.”

Dr. Young added: "This is an exciting opportunity for me both on a professional and a personal level. My professional experience is in managing teams and leading them to deliver ambitious targets and my academic background as a scientist means that I understand the importance of the world-leading research that is carried out in Newcastle and how Science City aims to capitalise on this for the benefit of the city, its residents and businesses."
Dr Young takes over from John Rundle, who provided interim leadership during the period of a review of the Newcastle Science City company, necessitated by the abolition of One North East.  John is concluding his term as interim Director following the successful completion of that review, which led to a renewed partnership between Newcastle City Council and Newcastle University, with a sustainable funding programme in place, and a strong forward work programme for the company.
Newcastle Science City key achievements:

- Created 23 companies that are now trading in the North East of England

- Worked with 446 regional companies to commercialise new insight-led ideas, helping them to innovate and grow

- Promoted Newcastle as a city of science on a regional, national and international level

- Reached over 6,000 schoolchildren across the city with the Science Education Innovation Partnership (SEIP) programme, which aims to make science more fun, engaging and relevant to students and offers support to teachers

- Reached 1,373 residents with its community engagement programme of events and activities designed to enable people to use science to help drive change in their communities. It has also assisted 142 residents with skills and personal development and has assisted 72 people with their efforts to get a job

Newcastle Science City is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government, securing £2.3million of ERDF investment.
The ERDF Competitiveness Programme 2007-2013 is bringing over £300m into the North East to support innovation, enterprise and business support across the region.

published on: 9 May 2012