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Bravo! Newcastle University’s French digital kitchen wins award


An innovative kitchen that gives step-by-step cooking instructions in French has won an award for innovation in language teaching.

The kitchen, which gives real-time cooking instructions for preparing recipes in a similar way to an in-car sat nav, has been awarded the European Language Label.

“This is fantastic news,” said Paul Seedhouse, Professor of Education & Applied Linguistics. “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved with the digital kitchen and it is always nice to know that other people recognise your work.”

After giving cookery instructions, the kitchen uses motion sensor-technology on the equipment and ingredients to track whether each step has been completed successfully.

Developed by language experts and computer scientists at Newcastle University, the kitchen breaks new ground by taking language learning out of the classroom and combining it with an enjoyable and rewarding real-life activity.

It is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’s Digital Economy Programme.

Professor Seedhouse said: “The reason the kitchen works is because it brings language to life. One of the big problems with learning a language in a classroom is that you rehearse it rather than use it and kitchen helps to overcome this problem.”

The team will head to London on September 26 to pick up their award.

published on: 10 July 2012