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Mexican fashion designer premieres new collection in Newcastle


A top Mexican designer showcased her new collection in Newcastle.

Carmen Rion held a special catwalk show at Northern Stage to premiere her latest designs.

Ms Rion, who is a Santander Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University, is one of Mexico’s most exciting designers. Her new collection, which is called 'Mocheval Landscape' features modern versions of mochevales - traditional indigenous woven garments.

The designer works closely with indigenous Mexican women, engaging them in the fashion business and in developing designs. She shared her experiences with University staff and students.

She said: "I was  delighted to be invited to come to Newcastle, first to share my experiences about working with Mexican women artisans in Chiapas, with British academics, students, and the general public.  And to share my own approach to the fashion industry which relies on bringing together two different structural design processes: ancestral weaving techniques and my own design background."

Dr Monica Moreno Figueroa, from the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology invited the designer to Newcastle University on behalf of the Americas Research group. She said: "I was very excited by the collaboration between Mexican indigenous weaving traditions and Carmen's vision as a high profile contemporary Latin American fashion designer.  I also like that Carmen has an ethical approach when working with the women artisans."

An exhibition of mochevals and Mexican artefacts were on show in Northern Stage before University students took to the catwalk to model the designs. It was followd by performances by musical group Ladies of the Midnight Blue and Brooklyn-based poetry act the Climbing Poe Tree.


Image copyright of Zander Photography

published on: 12 October 2012