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“Outstanding research leader" to tackle obesity


Professor Ashley Adamson has won a prestigious award that recognises “the country’s most outstanding research leaders”.

The five-year professorship from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) provides the opportunity for people to dedicate themselves to the improvement of health through research. Professor Adamson will focus on translational research in public health and centre on the prevention of obesity at family, community and national levels and the treatment of obesity in individuals. 

Open to health researchers and methodologists from University and NHS partnerships, the professorships are awarded only to those “with an outstanding record of applied health research”, who “demonstrate a steep career trajectory, on course to becoming the country's most outstanding research leaders”.

Professor Adamson becomes the second holder of this award at Newcastle University following the success of Professor Louise Robinson which means two of the 13 national appointments are held at the University. 

Ashley Adamson, Professor of Public Health Nutrition at Newcastle University said: “This is a really exciting opportunity.  Obesity is one of the major public health challenges facing the UK.  My research aims to contribute to prevention of overweight and obesity and the treatment of obesity.  I will explore changing eating behaviour in population settings, supporting individual behaviour change and gathering evidence to inform policy by robust evaluation of dietary interventions.”

Professor Adamson will be working with members of Fuse to deliver the research.

published on: 11 December 2012