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Colour Vision: do you see what I see?


BBC Radio 4 dives into the world of colour, from biology to fashion with neuroscientists from Newcastle University.

We create all the colours we see around us. Cone cells in our eyes allow us to discriminate up to 10 million different hues. But not everyone's eyes contain the same type of cells, and this can change the range of colours we detect.

In the first episode of this BBC Radio 4 series, presenter Tracey Logan finds out from Professor Anya Hulbert how colour vision may have evolved and what it's like to be colour blind.

She also hears from Dr Gabi Jordan about why there may be some women with superhuman colour vision, who can see more colours than the rest of us.  In the programme, Dr Jordan describes a woman with this ability, known as tetrachomacy which can be listened to here.

To listen to the first of the five programmes on BBC Radio 4 here.

Find out more about participating in our study on tetrachromacy

published on: 31 January 2013