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Tackling malnutrition on the wards


Researcher Dr Ben Heaven appeared on BBC Radio 4 to discuss the issue of feeding assistance in hospitals.

It's a shocking statistic but around 60% of UK patients aged 65 or older are at risk of malnutrition while in hospital and this was discussed on Thinking Allowed last week.

Dr Heaven from the Institute of Health and Society was discussing the Newcastle University research entitled "'Dirty work', emotional labour and the professionalisation of nursing - a qualitative study of meal services for older people at four UK hospital sites." 

With presenter Laurie Taylor he explored the whole food process from preparation to serving in hospitals and what can be done to improve it - particularly how patients are assisted with their meals. Listeners heard how the researchers found that some patients couldn't even reach the food when it was delivered to the bedside so went hungry.

Listen to the programme on the BBC.

published on: 25 July 2013