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University responds to Government's response to Witty report


The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Chris Brink, addresses the Government response.

Professor Chris Brink, Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University, said: “We are pleased that the Government is supportive of many of Sir Andrew Witty’s recommendations, in particular, his proposals for Arrow Projects. These provide a focus for investment in new technologies that will contribute to economic growth and so we would like to see the Government support an Arrow Project in the North East, a region which lags behinds others in relation to R&D funding.

“We also welcome the Government’s long-term commitment to backing universities’ endeavours in supporting economic growth. As a world-class civic university, Newcastle University has made the economic, cultural and social development of the city of Newcastle and the wider region a core mission and the recognition shown by government will help us to build on this.

“A tangible example of this is the support we provide for student enterprise. Last year, we saw a 47% increase in the number of our graduates going on to start their own businesses. The Government's response points to further support being given to initiatives that will help us to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Whilst we recognise there is always more to do to make universities more accessible to business, we believe our close working with the Local Enterprise Partnership - with staff seconded into the organisation – will encourage greater collaboration with firms to help them benefit from our research expertise.”

published on: 18 March 2014