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Abstract art up for sale


One of Victor Pasmore’s original prints being auctioned at Christie’s this week is likely to attract attention as it is a rare example of his later work.

Lovers of fine art have the chance to hang on their walls an original print by the leading abstract artist and architect when two of his works are auctioned on Wednesday 16 April 2014  to benefit Newcastle University’s Hatton Gallery.

One of them, Punto di Contatto (lot 155), is from 1995. Christie’s catalogue of his Graphic works only went up to 1992 before this came to light.

??Harmony of Opposites (lot 143) is also going on sale and both have been donated by Pasmore’s son John to raise funds for the Hatton Future Campaign.

Pasmore pioneered the development of abstract art in Britain in the 1940s and 50s and worked in the Fine Art Department at Newcastle University, exhibiting at the Hatton Gallery during the 1950s and 60s.

The gallery has been part of the University and the city for 90 years and during that time it has occupied a place at the forefront of modern British art practice. The Hatton Future Campaign aims to keep it there, and its exciting plans to revitalise the space have just received the backing of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

For more information on the sales visit Christie's website.

published on: 14 April 2014