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Women take science to the streets to challenge gender stereotypes

Female scientists from Newcastle University will be teaming up with Soapbox Science to transform Newcastle City Centre into a hub for science and discovery.

At Grey’s Monument remarkable female scientists will be talking about their latest discoveries, from dwarf planets and fish detectives to cancer, inflammation and bacteria.
The event is part of a nation-wide initiative by  Soapbox Science, which aims to bring science to the people and challenge gender stereotypes in science careers. 

Founded five years, the Festival has grown exponentially and this year there are seven events taking place in Bristol, London, Exeter, Swansea, Newcastle, Glasgow and Belfast, and over 90 female scientists participating. 

Dr Lis Lowe, one of the speakers from Newcastle University will show why gut bacteria are so important. She said “It’s vital that we get our science out of the lab and onto the streets. Being accessible to everyone and enthusing the public with our work should be part of the job of every scientist.” 

Co-founder, Dr Seirian Sumner said: “Soapbox tries to target the less obvious audience – the public who'd not normally have the chance or inclination to learn about science, or those who'd thought of scientists as being far too unapproachable.  Soapbox takes a truly fresh approach to science outreach – we bring science to the everyday person on the street.  Science is for everyone.”

Each scientist will take to one of the four soapboxes for an hour – plenty of time to get involved, ask questions, and be inspired!

Newcastle University's  Professor Dianne Ford added: “We have brought together women who are experts in their respective fields and also great communicators to cover an exciting mixture of topics that will show the public how science affects their everyday lives.”
Soapbox Science events are part funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), and the Natural and Environmental Research Council (NERC).

When:  27 June 2015 1 - 4pm 

Where: Grey's Monument, Newcastle City Centre 

published on: 25 June 2015