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Millions awarded for Global Health Research into dementia

Published on: 14 July 2017

Experts in ageing have been awarded £2 million from the Department of Health to focus on dementia care and prevention on a global scale.

The Newcastle University group receives the funding for Global Health Research from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) with the aim of improving the health of patients and public in low and middle-income countries.

Louise Robinson, Director of Newcastle University’s Institute for Ageing and Professor of Primary Care and Ageing, is leading the specialist team.

Professor Louise Robinson
Professor Louise Robinson

Health priority

Dementia, a health priority around the world, has a disproportionately large impact on low and middle-income families. In the absence of a cure, and without a future strategy to reduce the risk and improve care after a diagnosis, dementia will have a devastating societal and economic effect.  

The Newcastle University team will bring together expertise in public health and primary care, with global epidemiological research, to create a NIHR Global Health Research Group on dementia prevention and enhanced care.

Professor Robinson said: “With age the biggest risk factor for dementia, the world's rapidly ageing populations make dementia a global challenge for all.

“Establishing a NIHR global health group on dementia care and prevention provides us with a fabulous opportunity to collaborate with our colleagues in middle and lower middle-income countries – such as  Malaysia, Tanzania and India - to develop global, as opposed to national solutions to the dementia challenge.”

Research units

The Department of Health today announced that 33 research units and groups will receive more than £120 million of funding for Global Health Research for three-year projects.

The NIHR launched a funding call to support world-class studies through the newly funded Global Health Research Units and Groups aiming to deliver measurable benefits.

Following the success of the initial call for projects, a second round of applications has been launched today funded by £40 million from the Department of Health Official Developmental Assistance budget.

Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy said: “This funding allows our universities to strengthen their research and expertise as a leader in Global Health Research.

“The UK will continue to be at the forefront of health knowledge, and it is only right that we support developing nations as they improve care for patients and public.”


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