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Insights public lectures continue

Published on: 17 April 2018

From the right to vote to space exploration, the popular Insights public lectures series explores frontiers with a range of speakers and topics.

Varied programme

The first lecture of the new term will focus on the leading cause of heart disease – inherited high levels of cholesterol. Although the most common inherited disease, it is still heavily underdiagnosed and undertreated. During her talk on 17 April, Professor Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, one of the world’s leading experts in this area, will discuss the urgent need for early detection and improved treatment.

This term’s programme will also feature talks by some of Newcastle University’s own experts. On 19 April, Dr Alton Horsfall will talk about the technology of space exploration, while on 3 May, Dr Rachel Hammersley will trace the history of May Day, a day associated with Englishness, popular action and workers’ rights.

On 26 April, in a lecture that also marks 90 years of geography at Newcastle University, Professor Rita Gardner CBE will talk about the work of the Royal Geographical Society and the role of geography in a rapidly changing world.

In 2016, ‘Kynren’, a spectacular open-air live show, opened for its first season playing to audiences of up to 8,000. Now into its third year, each evening the epic show takes audiences on a journey through 2,000 years of British history, myth and legend. On 15 May, Dr Mark Freeman will talk about how it can be seen as a revival of the tradition of historical pageantry that was a popular and significant way of engaging with the past.

The programme will conclude on 22 May with Will Hutton, author and broadcaster, discussing why Britain must aim to create an economy, society and democracy in which citizens can flourish.

Dr Martin Farr, Co-chair of Public Lectures, said: “In the year when we mark the 100th anniversary of the right to vote being extended to thousands of ordinary men and women, it’s highly relevant that some of our speakers are taking a closer look at aspects of our modern democracy and some of the traditions and challenges surrounding it.

 “This term we will also have presentations from some of the University’s own early career researchers, who will talk about their research around biomedicine and I’d urge people to come along to hear how their findings may underpin the medical treatments of tomorrow.”


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