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University supports pledge to end NDAs in sexual harassment cases

Published on: 21 January 2022

Newcastle University is committed to not using Non-Disclosure Agreements to prevent survivors speaking out in cases of sexual harassment, violence abuse or bullying.

“Today, I am proud to have signed a new pledge underlining our commitment to not use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to prevent survivors speaking out in cases of sexual harassment, violence, abuse or other forms of harassment and bullying.

“Backed by the UK government, campaigners and several other UK universities, you can read the full pledge on the Department for Education website.

“Signing this pledge reaffirms Newcastle University’s stance on not using NDAs to silence victims in cases of sexual harassment, violence or abuse for either students or colleagues.

“We believe that responsibility for acts of harassment and abuse lies solely with those who commit them and that everyone has a right to thrive and be safe at Newcastle University.

“And we work hard to create a supportive and caring environment where our people feel able to speak out, safe in the knowledge they will be listened to and believed.

“It is also vital that universities have wider strategies to tackle and prevent sexual harassment and abuse.

“Our Changing the Culture Working Group, jointly chaired by our Academic Registrar and President of the Students’ Union, aims to eliminate all forms of sexual violence, hate-related incidents, and discrimination in our University community.

“We have a dedicated Hate Crime and Sexual Violence Prevention and Support team, which provides free, safe, non-judgemental guidance to survivors of sexual violence regardless of their gender. And students and colleagues can report incidents using our Report and Support tool either anonymously or with contact details.

“Together with my colleagues from across the higher education sector, I am proud to commit to this pledge on behalf of Newcastle University.”

Professor Chris Day

Vice-Chancellor and President

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