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Middle East conflict

Our response to ongoing events in the Middle East

Published on: 9 November 2023

Our Vice-Chancellor and President and NUSU Sabbatical Officer Team have written to colleagues and students in light of the devastating violence and conflict on communities in Israel and Palestine.

Dear colleagues and students,

The past few weeks have been an incredibly difficult time for many members of our community.

The devastating loss of civilian life and the impact of the violence and conflict on communities in Israel and Palestine are being felt deeply across the world, including by many in our own community at Newcastle.

Over the past month, we have met with representatives from our Jewish Society and our Muslim student societies – ISoc, Newcastle Muslim Medics, Brunei Society and Arab Society – as well as with colleagues and our University Chaplains.  We are grateful to all those, particularly our Chaplains, who have given their time to provide support and care for others while also helping us to better understand the impact on our Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish and Muslim staff and students, despite their own suffering.

The meetings have provided us with several actions that are being taken forward that will enhance the support for colleagues and students. 

Sadly, the violence is still ongoing and therefore it is important that our University community comes together with compassion and understanding to support each other during this difficult time.

Please remember that there is no place in our community for hate.

Our priority is to ensure that our campus remains safe for everyone.  There is no place for racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, abuse, incitement or harassment of any kind. For anyone who needs advice or support, we have colleagues in the University and NUSU who can help:

Newcastle University campus in the autumn, Arches

University Support

Students' Union Support

  • The Welfare and Support Centre is located adjacent to the NUSU reception. Please pop in, call on 0191 2393909 or email for an informal chat and for information on support services. 
  • You may find comfort in speaking to other students during distressing times. Student Societies are one way to find support within communities of students who may also be feeling affected by events nationally and internationally. Here is a full A-Z of societies or alternatively contact the Activities Officer at
  • The Student Advice Centre can help with practical guidance on a range of issues such as finance and academic. Please contact 0191 2393979 or email if you would like to book an appointment. 

We know from speaking to many of you the significant impact this is having on many peoples’ mental health and wellbeing.  This is very much at the forefront of our minds as we continue to meet with students and colleagues, to share guidance and best practice, and work to ensure our universities remain a safe and supportive place for all.

Our warmest wishes at this difficult time

Chris and Yaseen, Alex, Lucy, Kimiko, Lulu, Chirag and Gabbi


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