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Research centre launched to help decarbonise the UK’s energy demand

Published on: 7 December 2023

A new research centre has been set up to help provide solutions for energy demand reduction, understand the impact on consumers, and enable equitable policy decision-making.

The Energy Demand Research Centre (EDRC) is set to deliver research for an affordable and secure low-energy future. It aims to deliver integrated technological and social change, rapidly reducing emissions, securing prosperity, and enhancing our quality of life.

Led by Director Professor Mari Martiskainen, University of Sussex and Co-Director Professor Sara Walker, Newcastle University EDRC was established in July 2023 with £15m in funding from EPSRC and ESRC. The collaborative effort also partners with Cardiff, Edinburgh, Imperial College, Lancaster, University College London, Leeds, Manchester, Reading, Strathclyde, and Surrey universities.

The research centre focuses on five thematic strands: Futures, Flexibility, Place, Governance, and Equity. These strands work in tandem to understand and address the underlying conditions necessary for a low energy future, the impacts and implications of demand-side flexibility, place-based approaches to policy-making, new governance systems, and the design of equitable energy demand solutions.

Sara Walker, Professor in Energy said: “Decarbonising our energy use is a major challenge. But it can be made easier by reducing or changing energy demand. I am interested in whole energy systems, and so want to understand how energy demand change in one part of the system can impact on other parts. I am committed to delivering research evidence to support decisions on energy demand reduction and change, through the Energy Demand Research Centre.”

EDRC's research themes are complemented by a focus on cross-cutting policy-driven transition challenges, including engineering an integrated net zero transition, delivery models for accelerating net zero transition, energy security through energy demand solutions, and realizing net zero through green jobs and skills.

Collaborating with partners across policy, industry, civil society, and academia, the EDRC aims to identify and shape evidence-based energy demand solutions, paving the way for a sustainable and more equitable future.

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