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Learn about the scholarship opportunities offered by the Confucius Institute.

Through our partnership with Xiamen University, we offer a range of funding opportunities. We provide scholarships to students, scholars and Chinese language teachers. You can receive financial aid for both degree programmes and short-term study programmes (including Chinese language programmes).

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Chinese Government Scholarships

The Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) enable outstanding students, teachers and scholars from around the world to study and conduct research in China.

The scholarship is open to people who are passionate about finding solutions to create a better future for mankind. This funding aims to support cooperation and exchanges.

Programmes sponsored by the CGS


Major study
(academic year)*

Chinese language/Preparatory study
(academic year)**

Duration of scholarship
(academic year)***

Undergraduate 4-5 1 4-6
Master's 2-3 1 2-4
Doctoral 3-4 1 3-5
General Scholars up to 1 up to 1 up to 2
Senior Scholars up to 1 up to 1 up to 2

* Major study (academic year): these are the years you will spend studying your chosen major.
** Chinese language/Preparatory study (academic year): these are the years you will spend learning Chinese before you start to study your chosen major. This is to ensure your Chinese is good enough to handle the major study as they will be delivered in Chinese. If your Chinese reaches the required level, you could skip this.
*** Duration of scholarship (academic year): this refers to how many years totally the scholarships could support you for. For example, if you choose an undergraduate degree programme in Finance as your major study (4-5 years) and you might also need to first attend a one-year Chinese language study course. This means the scholarship could support you for a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 6 years.


The application deadline for the CGS scholarship is around the same time each year. The deadline for the 2023/2024 CGS was 25 February 2023.

For the 2024/2025’s application deadline, please kindly wait for further notice.

Further information about the Chinese Government Scholarships:

International Chinese Teachers Scholarship

The International Chinese Teachers Scholarship (ICLTS) is supported by the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation in China. The centre trains local Chinese language teachers, reserve teachers and top Chinese language professionals.

The programme funds two kinds of activities: degree programmes and short-term study in China. It aims to build an international talent pool for Chinese language teachers. It also helps outstanding young people to study in China.

Programmes sponsored by ICLTS

Chinese language teacher scholarships

ProgrammeStart dateDuration of scholarship
Doctor’s Degree in International Chinese Language Education September each year maximum 4 academic years
Master’s Degree in International Chinese Language September each year maximum 2 academic years
Bachelor’s Degree in International Chinese Language
September each year maximum 4 academic years
One-year study programme September each year maximum 11 months
One-semester study programme September each year or March the next year maximum 5 months
Four-week study programme July or September each year maximum 4 weeks

Joint programme scholarships

Please visit the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website for details.

Scholarships for online programmes

ProgrammeStart dateDuration of scholarship
One-year Chinese language study September or March each year maximum 11 months
One-semester Chinese language September or March each year maximum 5 months 
Special online study programmes Please consult the Host Institution. 

How to register for the ICLTS?

Online registration will be available from 1 March 2023 on the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website.

Application deadlines for 2023 ICLTS (Beijing time)


Application deadline
(for applicants)

Review deadline
(for recommending institutions and host institutions)
July start date 15 April 25 April
September start date 15 May 25 May
December start date 15 November 25 November

Please note: Beijing time is 7 hours ahead of London Summer Time and 8 hours ahead of London Winter Time. For example, 23:59 Beijing Time would be 16:59 London Summer Time and 15:59 London Winter Time. Please note the deadlines above are all in Beijing time.

Please see the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2023: Application Guidelines (PDF; 111KB) for more details. You can also visit the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website.

Are you choosing Xiamen University as the Host Institution? Find more detailed application guidelines on the website of the Xiamen University Admissions Office for International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2023.

Other scholarships by Xiamen University

Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship

The Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship is set up for international students enrolled on a degree programme. It aims to further strengthen the educational exchange and cooperation between Fujian Province and the rest of the world. It’s seeking to promote the healthy development of education for international students.

The scholarship offers:

  • RMB 30,000/year for Bachelor's programs
  • RMB 40,000/year for Master's programs
  • RMB 50,000/year for Doctoral programs

Scholarships awardees need first to complete registration as a self-supporting new student. They also need to pay all the fees required for study within the stipulated time. The University will then refund the relevant fees paid by the student in accordance with the scholarship's terms in the following spring.

The University will select the best candidates from the pool of students who have passed the review to apply for the scholarship again next year. The list of shortlisted candidates will be sent to the Fujian Provincial Department of Education for final approval.

The application period for the 2023/2024 semester year: 1 December 2022 to 31 March 2023.

The applications have closed for this year. For next year’s application deadline, please kindly wait for further notice later this year.

Find more details about the Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship.

Xiamen University Scholarships

Xiamen University set up its own scholarships for international students studying in degree programs. Scholarship awardees will have their tuition fees covered. Moreover, monthly living allowances will be provided to outstanding postgraduates in accordance with the standards of Chinese Government Scholarships.

Check out the 2023 Xiamen University Prospectus for international students. You can also find more details on the Xiamen University Scholarships website.

Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program Chinese Government Scholarship

This scholarship is to train global governance talents with a broad international perspective, superior comprehensive quality, outstanding leadership and multicultural background.

China Scholarship Council implements the Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program is aimed at:

  • government officials
  • senior managers
  • administrators and professionals with work experience in international organisations.

How can you apply for this scholarship?

Applicants should first enrol into one of 72 eligible subprogrammes. You must acquire a pre-admission letter before applying via the Chinese Government Scholarship System.

The online application for 2023/2024 should be completed before 30 April 2023. For next year’s application, please kindly wait for further notice.

View the list of eligible subprogrammes and their host universities.


“Chinese Bridge” Exchange Programmes

The "Chinese Bridge" exchange programmes include:

  • Study Tour Camp for students
  • Exploring China Programme for headteachers and Mandarin programme leaders in local schools

These programmes are sponsored by the Centre of Language Education and Cooperation and Xiamen University. Their aim is to promote educational and cultural exchanges between students and teachers from schools in the UK and China. They hope to inspire potential ambassadors of mutual friendships in their communities and beyond.

All expenses associated with the stay in China are covered as part of these programmes. These include accommodation, meals, transportation, and cultural activities. Other expenses excluding the above, like the transport to and back from China and visa application, need to be covered by applicants.

Find more details below:

Download a registration form:

The benefits of our partnership with Xiamen University

As a partner with Xiamen University, we highly recommend that our applicants choose this university as their Host Institution when applying for scholarships. We can offer more support and detailed information about the application process.

Xiamen University itself lies in Xiamen, a prosperous city in Southeastern China. The University is highly ranked and has a great reputation among all Chinese universities. You will have the opportunity to experience both contemporary and traditional China and enrich your studies in an excellent academic environment.

If you are interested in any of the scholarships above, please feel free to contact

For further details about funding opportunities and scholarships to study in China, please visit the website of Campus China website.

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