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HSK and YCT Tests (Chinese Proficiency Tests)

HSK and YCT Tests (Chinese Proficiency Tests)

Find out when you can take the HSK or YCT test at Newcastle University and how to apply.

Chinese proficiency examinations

The HSK and YCT tests are Chinese proficiency examinations. They are the only Chinese language certificates accepted in mainland China. They consist of a writing test and a speaking test.

The tests are used by educational institutions and potential employers.

The Confucius Institute at Newcastle University is a registered HSK test centre. You can take your test here.

HSK test

The HSK certifies that the holder has the required Chinese proficiency to enter Chinese educational institutions as an undergraduate or postgraduate student. They are also exempt from studying Chinese courses at certain levels.

The HSK provides a reference point for employers recruiting non-native Chinese staff.

YCT test

The YCT is The Youth Chinese Test. It examines non-native primary and secondary school students' ability in Chinese.

Test levels

Find out more about the various levels of the tests to see which one you should take.


In light of the pandemic overseas, it has been decided to set up online test at home for foreign countries on April 24, and June 5 respectively to meet the test demands overseas.

Find out more about our Online HSK Test Introduction (PDF: 162KB) or by contacting


2021 test dates - Newcastle University

Test date


Registration deadline

Date of results

6th February





10th January 

13th March

20th March




21st February

20th April

15th May


18th April

15th June

18th July



21st June

18th August

5th December



8th November

5th January 2022


On the day of your test, you will need to bring:

  • your HSK permit (this can be provided by the test centre on the day)
  • your personal ID or passport
  • 2B pencils
  • an eraser

No dictionaries or other written materials are allowed in the room where the test takes place.

The test paper will be in Simplified Character format unless otherwise requested upon application.