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Talk Social Science - discover our informal, open space discussions

TALKSocSci was set up by the Institute in 2020 as a space for people to come together to ‘talk research’ without any pressure to ‘do something’. Our colleagues told us that they wanted an open space to create and foster relationships and exchange ideas – so that is what we created. 

The format of TALKSocSci is informal but each session starts with two short presentations, which may be opposing viewpoints, on a particular topic. We then ensure there is lots of time for questions, debate and networking. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our events haven’t been quite as social but they are ongoing and taking place via Zoom. You can watch the past two sessions on ‘How the Government does/n’t respond to science?’ and ‘Learning and teaching in the digital, post-Covid era: what’s the benefit of being in the same room?’ below. 

TALKSocSci will take place twice per semester. If you are interested in hearing about the sessions, sign up to our newsletter. If you would like to present your work or have ideas for a particular topic, please get in touch.