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North East Postgraduate Conference 2017

The North East Postgraduate Conference is the UK's largest annual postgraduate conference for medical biosciences, showcasing the best biomedical science research from the region's postgraduate students.

Date/Time: 30 October 2017

Venue: Newcastle Civic Centre

Registration and call for abstracts is now open. 

This year, abstracts are encouraged from a broad range of areas such as ageing, animal welfare, applied health research,the molecular biology of ageing, agriculture/ plant science,biochemistry, bioengineering/ biophysics/ biotechnology, bioinformatics, biomaterials/ synthetic biology, cancer cell biology, epidemiology, genomics, genetic disease, immunology, microbiology, mitochondria, molecular biology, neuroscience, nutrition/ food science, public health, toxicology/ pharmacology, systems biology.

 Abstract submission deadline: 28 July 2017.

Registration deadline: 30 September 2017