Centre for Behaviour and Evolution

Staff Profile

Dr Jonathan Guy

Senior Lecturer



British Society of Animal Science (BSAS)


Research Interests

Alternative strategies to control Dermanyssus gallinae (Poultry Red Mite) in systems for laying hens
Farm animal welfare for pigs and poultry
Assessment of environmental impact of livestock production
Development of protocols to assess farm animal welfare

Postgraduate Supervision

Mr Paul Jackson - Evaluation of resource efficiency and reduction of environmental impact in intensive livestock farming
Ms Elena Armstrong - Developing lifetime animal welfare assessment tools using novel physiological measures of cumulative chronic stress

Esteem Indicators

Invited speaker - BSAS International Conference, Kaunas, Lithuania, June 2007
Invited speaker - BSAS Conference, Krakow, Poland, October 2006
Journal Referee - Irish Journal of Food and Agriculture (2003-)


Undergraduate Teaching

ACE1011 Applied Domestic Animal Physiology
ACE1012 Domestic Animal Physiology
ACE2023 Agriculture II (Animal Production)
ACE2043 Non-ruminant Livestock
ACE3022 Animal Welfare and Environment
ACE3040 Animal Product Quality and Marketing (ML)
ACE3047 Animal Health Conference