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Emerita Professor Sandra Edwards

Emerita Professor


Area of expertise

Animal science and welfare. 

From 1 October 2017 

Emerita Professor

July 2000 - September 2017

Chair of Agriculture, School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development,

Responsibilities in this post included:

  • Research

Initiation and implementation of farm livestock research commissioned by government and commercial organisations. Special interests in pig housing, nutrition and reproduction, and in animal welfare and management of extensive and organic production systems.

  • Consultancy

Provision of consultancy to industry organisations.

  • Education

Course management and lecturing on aspects of animal science to BSc courses, PhD research supervision. Internal and external examining of BSc, MSc and PhD candidates.

  • Administration

University Ethical Review Committee, Farms Advisory Committee, Appeals Panel for Promotions Review of Academic Staff.

For a full list of my publications please see my Google Scholar Profile


Research Interests

Integrative pig science:

Multidisciplinary approaches to improve pig welfare
Prevention of abnormal behaviour in pigs

Housing systems for farrowing and lactation

Improving piglet survival and managing the low birthweight piglet

Nutritional influences on reproduction in the pig

Detection and management of pig disease

Management of extensive and organic livestock production systems

Animal behaviour and welfare:

Welfare assessment methodologies
Environmental enrichment and welfare
Social organisation and resource requirements
Environmental influences on behavioural development

Esteem Indicators

1997    Roche National Livestock Nutrition Award. (Awarded by an independent panel of academics

                and industry representatives to the person or group deemed to have made the greatest

                contribution to the understanding or practice of feeding farm livestock in the preceding five years).

1999    RSPCA/BSAS award for Innovative Developments in Animal Welfare. (Awarded jointly by the

                Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the British Society of  Animal

                Science to the person or group whose work has done the most to promote the cause of farm animal welfare).

2001     Elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Biology

2002     Fellowship of the Royal Agricultural Society of England

2004    Elected President of the British Society of Animal Science

2006    Appointed to UK Farm Animal Welfare Council

2006    Appointed Council member, European Federation of Animal Science

2007     Leroy Fellowship Award, European Federation of Animal Science. (The A.M. Leroy Fellowship

                 highlights the work of an active scientist or professional whose activities and reputation are

                 internationally recognised).

2009    David Black Award (Awarded by the British Pig Executive for an important and sustained

                contribution to the British pig industry).

2010    Elected as Foreign Academic Correspondent , Spanish Royal Academy of Veterinary Science

2012       Appointed to Animal Health and Welfare Panel, European Food Safety Authority


Editorial Board: Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Animal