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Dr Sophia Daoudi



About me

I am interested in animal behaviour and ecology, conservation, animal welfare and human animal interactions. I have conducted field research in Costa Rica, Peru and Suriname as well as captive research at the Blair Drummond Safari Park, and the Living Links to Human Evolution Research Centre, RZSS, Edinburgh Zoo.


Centre for Behaviour and Evolution, Newcastle University

IUCN SCC Primate Specialist Group​ (Neotropics Section)

Scottish Primate Research Group

Primate Society of Great Britain

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour


2014 - 2020: the University of Stirling

PhD - Living together: Habitat use, behaviour and social networks in mixed-species groups of tufted capuchin and squirrel monkeys

2010 - 2011: Oxford Brookes University

Master of Science in Primate Conservation

2006-2010: the University of Stirling

Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Psychology


My Research

My research has focused on non-human primates in the following scientific areas: behaviour and ecology, and welfare. Where appropriate, I advocate a combined approach of field research in natural habitats, together with hypotheses testing under controlled conditions in captivity. I have a wide range of collaborators including close links with the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, Blair Drummond Safari Park and Northumberland Zoo.


  • Long-term data collection with Professor Hannah Buchanan-Smith, University of Stirling at the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo: Living Together: Enclosure use, behaviour and interactions in a mixed-species exhibit.
  • Living Links Citizen Science Project with Professor Amanda Seed, University of St Andrews.


Lab group established (2023), School of Psychology, Newcastle University

Our aim is to advance the understanding of cognition, cultural evolution, behaviour, and welfare in humans and other animals.

PhD Students

J. Hardman (2021 - present): Co-supervisor on interdisciplinary project studying the movement behaviour and space use of an invasive population of vervet monkeys on the island of St Kitt's.


Newcastle University, Lecturer

  • PSY2020 - Introduction to comparative cognition & behaviour
  • PSY1015 - Principles of Evolution, Genetics and Behaviourial Development
  • PSY1013 - Research Methods & Skills1
  • PSY1014 - Research Methods & Skills2
  • PSY1012 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY2022 - Methods in Psychology 2A
  • PSY2009 - Methods in Psychoogy 2B
  • PSY2003 - Social Psychology
  • PSY3097 - Empirical Projects

The University of Stirling, Lecturer – Teaching & Scholarship (2018-2019)

  • The Social Mind, Second Year: Lecturer
  • Individual Differences – Statistics Labs, Third Year: Lecturer
  • Social Psychology, Third Year: Module Co-ordinator
  • Animal Welfare, Theoretical Elective, Fourth Year: Elective co-ordinator
  • Measuring Animal Behaviour, Practical Elective, Fourth Year: Fieldwork coordinator at Blair Drummond Safari Park.
  • Joint Honours Group Research Project, Fourth Year: Supervisor
  • Human-Animal Interactions, MSc: Lecturer & Dissertation Supervisor
  • Human-Animal Interactions, MSc placements: Co-ordinator

The University of Stirling, Teaching Assistant (2014-2018)

  • Introductory Psychology I, First Year: Demonstrator & Marker
  • Introductory Psychology II, First Year: Demonstrator & Marker
  • The Social Mind, Second Year: Lecturer, Demonstrator, Marker
  • Research Methods, Second Year: Demonstrator, Marker
  • Animal Behaviour, Third Year: Demonstrator, Marker
  • Social Psychology, Third Year: Demonstrator, Marker
  • Individual Differences, Third Year: Demonstrator, Marker
  • BSc dissertation: Study Skills Tutor and Proofreader (x2 students from Psychology and Sociology)
  • MSc dissertation: Mentor

Durham University, Teaching Assistant (2017- 2018)

Human Evolution & Diversity, First Year: Demonstrator & Marker

INTO Stirling, Module Coordinator (Jan-Aug 2016)

Psychology foundation course, covering core psychology topics (Cognition, Developmental, Social, Clinical & Health, Animal Behaviour & Evolutionary Psychology, Brain & Behaviour and Research Methods).